Trilogy is built on the knowledge, professionalism and experience of the artistic faculty and administrative staff. Each student will learn dance technique, style, theory, and discipline from our excellent instructors. More importantly the teachers will treat every student equally and encourage self-confidence through personal achievements. The administration strives to serve the needs of each family and dancer.

The faculty members encompass professional backgrounds, loyalty, passion for dance, and the dedication to the creation of extraordinary dancers. Trilogy provides it’s staff with opportunities such as monthly continued education classes in curriculum, teaching concepts and guidelines, as well as CPR and child development classes.

Ronda Runnels

Owner & Director – North and Insight Dance Ensemble

Ronda Runnels is the Owner and Director of Trilogy Dance Center, Move & Groove Pre-School Dance Program and Insight Dance Ensemble. Her dance journey began at the age of 3 and by kindergarten she knew she would own a dance studio. After pursuing her degree in Dance at The University of Texas @ Austin Ronda moved back to San Antonio. As she launched her dance career in Los Angeles and New York she realized Texas would be home. She opened her first studio in 1994, The Turning Point Dance Center with Stephanie Scott, and also created Visions Dance Troupe (the home of numerous teachers at Trilogy). Ronda then merged her school with Ballet San Antonio Academy in 2005 and then in 2009 Ronda assisted Paige Berry in creating Trilogy Dance Center. She has been the Artistic Director of many youth dance programs and founded Insight Dance Ensemble. The youth company has launched hundreds of dancers into the professional world of dance and college programs around the country. IDE dancers who have graduated have been honored to dance with Pink, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and attended the best schools in the country such as, Point Park, Chapman, and SMU. Current IDE members are achieving National Scholarships and awards of great status.

In January of this year Ronda bought Trilogy Dance Center to take it to a new level of dance in the country. Trilogy’s intention is to train humans of all ages through movement to express themselves as dancers. Ronda takes great pride in training every student to be their best; not just teaching dance lessons, but teaching children life lessons. TDC is a certified member of National Dance Education Organization and participates in National Honor Society of Dance Arts. Ronda also has a passion for yoga and in 2013 received her yoga certification in Vinyasa Flow. She practices YOGA in every part of her life journey. Above her professional achievements Ronda’s greatest pleasures are her three children, amazing husband and spending time with family.