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Dress Code


***For a bun tutorial and some dress code run downs, visit our youtube page:

  • Dress code must be followed, no exceptions.
  •  Dancers will wear their in-class attire for one or more performances during the year.
  •  Trial students may wear a black leotard with dance shorts or pink tights. Tap and hip hop can wear solid black bottoms and a solid color t-shirt or tank top.
  •  Hair must be in a secure classical bun for all ballet classes. Use bobby pins, hairnets, and hairspray.
  •  Hair must be in a secure ponytail for all other classes. Use bobby pins and hairspray.
  •  No jewelry. Small stud earrings are acceptable.
  •  Pink tights are only for ballet class and should not be worn in jazz or any other style of class.
  •  Any hip hop or dance sneaker must be for the dance studios only and not worn in the street.
  •  Dancers must wear a cover-up to and from the studio.
  •  No dance shoes outside! No street shoes in the dance studios.
  •  Adult/Teen classes may wear dance or yoga wear of their choice.
  • Attire, shoes, and tights are available at Dorothy’s Dance Shop:
    Ventura Plaza Shopping Center: 4343 N Loop 1604 W #1102 78258. 210-545-4700
    The Strand @ Huebner Oaks: 11255 Huebner Rd. #107 78230. 210-558-4200
    Sunset Square Shopping Center: 1532 Austin Hwy 78209. 210-829-8454