Classroom Etiquette

– Do not enter class until the teacher calls you in. Students will enter quietly, without running.
– Arriving late and leaving early to class is not acceptable. If a student is late they may enter the class without talking and sit by the door until the teacher invites them to join the class. If a student is more than 15 minutes late they will not be permitted to take the class.
– No walking in tap shoes in the hallway. Bring your shoes into the dance studio with you.
– No street shoes in dance studios T, D, or C.
– Follow class attire guidelines and dress code. No jewelry besides small stud earrings.
– Hair must be in a neat bun or ponytail.
– Take a class with a positive attitude.
– Listen to every correction and apply it.
– Project positive body language. Students should take a class with their arms by their side, not crossed or on hips, and maintain eye contact with the Instructor.
– Show appreciation to fellow dancers by clapping after every class (except ballet), and by thanking your instructor (all classes).
– Keep eyes on the instructor and take class quietly.
– Bring in water to class only.
– Sorry is not necessary when a mistake is made in class.
– Leaning on barres or walls is disrespectful.
– Parents are not allowed in the classroom.
– Respect all instructors and classmates.
If a behavior problem occurs, the Instructor will give one verbal warning to the dancer. The second time there is a behavior problem, the dancer will be asked to sit out of class for 5 minutes. If the behavior problem still persists, the dancer will be asked to go to the front desk and call a parent to pick them up, and will not be allowed to finish the class or classes for the day.
Pick up your belongings and maintain an orderly studio. We recommend initiating your items. Lost and Found items will be kept for a week and then donated to Goodwill.