Mission Statement


At Trilogy Dance Center, we believe in encouraging the human, expressing the artist, and educating the dancer. Trilogy offers a comprehensive curriculum in a nurturing environment to create a well-rounded dancer and expand their confidence and creativity. We recognize that many of our students will continue their education in dance, and some will become professional dancers, but all will become professional humans. 

Our purpose and what we offer:

A well-rounded philosophy of dance

A thorough dance education

Traditional dance technique and contemporary dance theory

A performance-based school

A dance class for everyone and every goal

Support and fostering of the San Antonio Arts

An arena for guest artists and master classes in South Texas

A training ground for our elite youth company, Insight Dance Ensemble.

Code of Ethics:

Every dancer at Trilogy Dance Center will be treated equally and fairly. Every family will be welcomed and respected. Our faculty will lead by example as great mentors, coaches, and advisors. The faculty and staff of Trilogy will always expect the environment of Trilogy to be positive, physically, and mentally healthy, and encouraging. All music, choreography, and messages to students will be age-appropriate, motivating, and constructive to the dancer’s self-worth.