School Policy


Trilogy is a year round training program.

Trilogy is a school based on discipline, which is instilled in every dancer through universal dance etiquette.

Every spring each student will be evaluated during Adjudication in order to be placed for the Fall Semester.

Dancers remain in the same level for Summer as they were in for the Spring. Dancers will be moved up a level if necessary in the Fall Semester. 4 consecutive weeks missed during the Summer semester will place you in the same level for the Fall. Dancers will remain there for 4 weeks to be evaluated and confirm placement.

Policies are created at Trilogy to maintain order and create fair expectations. The faculty will lead by example and teach with respect to every student. Every dancer will desire to achieve their own personal excellence.

  • All students, parents and teachers will understand and uphold Trilogy policies, classroom etiquette and dress code.
  • Trilogy is a gossip free school.
  • Trilogy is a gum free school.
  • Only water in dance studio rooms and dressing room.
  • Food and drinks are permitted in the dancers lounge area.
  • Students should be picked up promptly once class is over and will remain inside the school until then.
  • Cell phones are permitted in the common areas of the school only,  not in the dance studios.
  • No street shoes in dance studios. No dance shoes in the street.
  • Wear cover ups and street shoes to and from the school.
  • All students must comply with dress code and appropriate hair.
  • Classes may be observed by parents at the observation windows. Please keep these visits brief and non-distracting.
  • No video taping or photographing from observation windows.
  • Trust in the faculty and staff is imperative for a positive relationship between parent, student and instructor.
  • Discuss concerns or questions with faculty or office staff.
  • Trilogy is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave valuables at home.
  •  If there is only one student that shows up for class, it is considered a private lesson and the class will be shortened to half the alotted time.
  • There are no refunds on tuition, registration, events, or payments of any kind. Please see all our tuition policies.
  • To accomodate our advanced levels, we take pride in bringing in Master Teachers that travel to San Antonio to teach master classes. We know the value of dancers being given the opportunity to train with well known professionals. Trilogy goes to great lengths to take advantage when world traveled artists offer to provide their services to Trilogy students. In order to do this we ask that our Trilogy families understand that occasionally we will have a schedule change to accommodate master classes. Notice will be given beforehand.