Monthly Tuition


Membership Fee
The Membership Fee of $40 is due at the time of Registration, and is payable every August thereafter.

New Students and Trial Classes
New students can trial classes for one week with a $20 non-refundable deposit. This fee will be applied to Membership fee at time of registration.

Tuition is set up at the time of registration with a debit/credit card and will automatically run on the 1st day of each month. Visa, Mastercard, and Discover are accepted. (No American Express)

Full tuition amount of semester can be paid by check or credit/debit card.

Tuition is not adjusted for holidays or absences. Months with holidays are balanced by months with more weeks over the course of the year.

Dancers will automatically be placed from the Fall semester into the Spring semester. No action is necessary.

Late Fees
A $25 late fee will be collected if tuition is declined for any reason.
A $35 charge will be collected for returned checks.

Withdrawal Process
To withdraw your dancer you must come in to the studio, fill out a withdrawal form, and pay a $40 fee unless it is in the month of DecemberThere are no refunds given on tuition, registrations, trials, events, or payments of any kind. At time of registration, it is agreed upon that the dancer is registering for the full school calendar year. There are no refunds or credit given on tuition if you cancel after the 1st of the month. Registration fee will be re-applied if dancer continues at a later date.

Makeup Policy
Students may make up classes that have been missed in an equivalent class or the level below within 30 days from the day they missed class. This has to be scheduled with the office staff. You must call ahead. If a class is full, dancer can not makeup in the class.
Dancers enrolled in Jazz 3 or higher take 2 jazz classes a week, plus 2 ballet classes.
Dancers enrolled in Ballet 3 or higher take 2 ballet classes a week.
Dancers enrolled in Cont/Lyr are required take 2 ballet and 2 jazz classes a week.

Private Coaching and Lessons
Please inquire at front desk. Staff will recommend teachers for individual students. Price varies.

Studio Rental
50. per hour

Trial Fee

Trilogy Registration Fee
Due at time of registration and every August thereafter

Drop In Class Rate:
15.  45 min
18.  1 hour
22. 1 hour 15 min
25.  1 hour 30 min

Family Discounts
If 2 or more siblings are enrolled, a 10% discount will be taken off the total monthly tuition.
If 2 or more siblings are enrolled, and all are individually taking 6 hours or more, a 30% discount will be taken off the total monthly tuition.

5% Discount on Tuition
Only one discount per family

Military families.
College students
Police Force and Firefighter families
Members of Insight Dance Ensemble
3T Karate

NESA Students 25%

Professional Rate
$10=1 hour class and $14=1 ½ hour class
To include:
Professional actors in a current theater production
Professional dancers that are in a jazz or ballet company
Dance Teachers at a professional school
Dance Majors at a University

Hours Per Week Price Per Month
45 min – 1 hour $60
1.5 hours $78
2 hours $96
2.5 hours $114
3 hours $131
3.5 hours $146
4 hours $161
4.5 hours $174
5 hours $186
5.5 hours $195
6 hours $203
6.5 hours $211
7 hours $217
7.5 hours $224
8 hours $230
8.5 hours $235
9 hours $240
9.5 hours $250
Unlimited Classes $260